How to keep mice from entering the house? The state of rat destruction in the house, inn. It not only affects family life and children’s safety, but also causes property damage and potential hazards from epidemics. The following effective permanent home mouse extermination tips applying a variety of mice, urchin drains, … are the most effective solutions for you right now. Take a look and apply now!

1. Overview of common types of mice

1.1 House mouse (Mus musculus)

It is a small rodent weighing between 13 and 30gm and is one of the most numerous species of the house mouse genus.

1.2 Rats (Rattus exulans)

Weighing from 25 to 56gm, it is the third most common rat species in the world and after brown and black rats.

1.3 Black rat (Rattus rattus)

It is a common long-tailed and long-tailed rodent of the genus Rattus in the Murinae distribution. The black rat is typically large and measures 32.4-46.4 cm in length, including a 17–25 cm long tail and weighs 110-341 g.
The brown rat is one of the largest and, it is brown or gray in color with a body length of 26cm, and a similarly long tail, males weighing an average of 351 g.

1.4 House shrew

Scientific name Suncus murinus. This is a very common species of shrew. This species is mainly found in South and Southeast Asia but has been found widely throughout Asia and eastern Africa.
This is a large shrew with a very strong musky smell.
In general, they can benefit from eating insects such as cockroaches and even mice. It is also known as biological pest control. Unlike rats, fertility is low. Despite being an insect control tool, their feces have a very strong odor in the kitchen… They also eat human, chicken, dog, and cat food. Also eats chicks but not as often as rats.
Rats are mainly active at night even at dusk, they do not like bright light. The average sleep time of the general is 12.5 hours / day.
Slums often nest near food sources and are made of soft materials.
They live near humans and cause damage to food, preserved food, to other livestock… Spreading diseases and deaths such as leptospirosis, rat typhus and plague are very dangerous. Another threat is that because their teeth grow on their own, to control the length of their teeth, they have to scrape hard objects to wear down their teeth.
Mouse control:
Rat control requires starting with the food sources that we unknowingly give them. Let’s make it so that they can only eat the food we give them, so that they have to venture into the trap boxes we have set up. Rats are cunning creatures so we have to constantly change the way we trap / bait to trick them. In the event that they develop into an epidemic, contact a pest control professional promptly for prompt eradication. Here, with the International Disinfection Company, we will tell you the 5 most effective ways to get rid of mice at home.

2. 05 How to kill mice and chase mice out of the house is extremely effective

2. 1 Homemade mouse trap with potatoes

The way to kill mice with potatoes is addicted to being a very safe and effective way to treat mice in the house, which is applied by many people. Because the high sodium content in raw potatoes will make the rats very thirsty and have to drink continuously. When the potato reaches the stomach, the mouse will expand and make the mouse not bear for long, will die after a few days. This folk way of chasing mice is very effective, killing mice, rats, shrews, etc….
At the same time, potatoes are also very easy to find ingredients, you can buy them anywhere. The trick to killing mice with potatoes is that you just need to use a thin layer of mashed potatoes and a bowl of water. Then put the potatoes and water in front of the burrow where the rats come in and out. When rats eat it, they will drink a lot of water, causing the sodium in the raw potato to expand and cause the mouse to die.

2. 2 The most effective house rat repellents with cloves

How to keep mice out of the house for the best effect? Clove is the herb that helps you to do this. Because the pungent smell emanating from cloves is something that rats absolutely hate.
Put 10 to 15 cloves of cloves in a thin cloth bag and hang them in areas where rats often appear. If you know where the rat’s den is, you can also sprinkle clove powder directly into their nest. Make sure they leave immediately. This way of chasing mice in this room proved to be extremely effective with a success rate of up to 96%.

2.3 Mouse trap with paprika

Everyone will have chili powder and in their spice cabinet. Chili powder is not only for cooking but is the most effective way to kill mice with a 96% success rate. You sprinkle chili powder around the corner of the house and the places where rats often come to destroy, the mouse will smell the chili will run away and will not come and cause odors or destroy things in your home anymore. Because the pungent smell of chili is the fear of mice. When mice inhale the smell of chili powder, they will suffocate, just put the trap near the place of the mouse’s burrow when they escape, they will fall into the trap.
There are two ways to get rid of mice at home to make for your reference:
Method 1: Use that pure mixture to seal all the entrances and exits of the cave, after being suffocated, they will automatically leave the cave and go or push the mixture out, so they will get stinging eyes. The thing to do here is to stand at the entrance of the cave and wait for it to come up to beat them to death. This way of catching mice in the house proved to be extremely effective and with a success rate of up to 97%.
Method 2: Mix this mixture with water and then pour it into the cave, then the chili will cause a spicy and strong smell that makes the mouse have to escape from the cave immediately. This is the most effective way to get rid of mice in the house that saves a lot of your time and effort.

2. 4 Ways to keep mice out of the house with fragrant cinnamon

One of the effective home mouse repellent tips that you can apply is the use of fragrant cinnamon. Because they are not only a commonly used flavoring in dishes and medicines, but they can also repel mice, cockroaches, and centipedes thanks to their strong scent. How to effectively repel mice with fragrant cinnamon is one of the extremely environmentally friendly folk ways that do not cause pollution. You can put fragrant cinnamon in the nooks and crannies of the room, storage areas, kitchens, ceilings and other places where rats frequent.
Whenever the rats smell this smell, they will immediately stay away, even if the piece of cinnamon has gone, when it is bitten by a mouse, there is still a taste in it. So for the most effective way to repel mice in the house, avoid windy places, and keep them in dark corners and in mouse dens.
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