Disinfection of Ships and Water Transport Vehicles

Disinfection of Ships and Water Transport Vehicles

Disinfection of ships and barges is a mandatory requirement in the import and export of goods. The disinfection service of ships and barges provided by us performs all the necessary steps in the process of disinfecting goods on exit and entry on all means of water transport with a variety of rice varieties. sticky rice, pepper, cassava chips, corn, soybean, wheat to animal feed, . ..

Some types of services:

  • Sterilization of bagged goods in the ship’s hold.
  • Disinfection of dumped goods.
  • Sterilize the barge.
  • Fumigation of wood, wood chips in the ship’s hold.
  • Sterilize at the anchor position waiting for ventilation and acceptance.
  • In-transit fumigation.
  • Phosphine sterilization uses a gas island system (J-system).

Benefits of steam sterilization of ships and barges

  • Disinfection of ships and barges not only ensures and maintains good quality of goods when circulating for a long time on the ocean, minimizing the cost of loss of goods, avoiding damage, but also bringing foreign value. currency and bring the Vietnamese brand to the world level.
  • Preventing the spread of bacteria living parasitic in goods between countries around the globe will be the door to economic development.
  • More and more businesses are conducting trade finance activities, promoting domestic and foreign investment. This is shown more clearly in the past year when Vietnam is gradually integrating into the global economy with trade liberalization agreements such as:
  • Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for Trans-Pacific Partnership (CPTPP).
  • Free Trade Agreement (EVFTA) between Vietnam and the European Union (EU)

The reason some businesses transport goods by sea

  • Transporting goods by sea ship costs less than or even equal to 1 ⁄ 3 with air freight, when transporting goods in small and large quantities, the disadvantage is that the waiting time will be longer. Do not suddenly explode at any time and be able to respond to incidents that will occur. The ship’s characteristic is that it has a large space that will allow the crew member as well as the captain to easily recover or reduce the risk of rapid shipwreck or rescue.
  • Long-haul transportation is easy to find and realize not with ships or other means of transport.
  • Goods are loaded into containers with lead-sealed seals before boarding to prevent loss and leakage to the outside.
  • The maritime law stipulates and clearly divides the rights and responsibilities of the parties involved when a contract of carriage at sea arises.

3. Outstanding advantages in ship sterilization service

  • Implement sterilization treatment procedures according to regulations and standards according to AFAS of the Plant Protection Department and ISPM 15 standards according to QCVN 01 – 19:2 010/BNNPTNT. Licensed by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development to handle plant quarantine.
  • AKNT Fumigation Joint Stock Company is a unit that disinfects ships according to Vietnamese standards and in accordance with the regulations of the International Maritime Organization – IMO.
  • In-depth consultation, quotation in accordance with regulations and free on-site inspection.
  • Commitment to mold, termites, termites and insects will not return within the time limit committed on the contract with the customer.
  • Fast profile – Good service – Safe with health – Experts with many years of experience in implementation.

4. Follow the correct procedure in fumigation:

According to QCVN 01 – 19:2 020/BNNPTNT national technical regulation on the technical process of fumigation, before performing the fumigation process, the following requirements must be satisfied:
  • Requires a technical process of fumigation.
  • Hygiene requirements.
  • Requirements for machinery and equipment.
  • Requirements on technical means and other requirements for implementers and documents and forms for performing fumigation

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