Disinfecting and disinfecting space nationwide

Disinfecting and disinfecting space nationwide

AKNT Disinfection Joint Stock Company is one of the units in the field of disinfecting and disinfecting spray in Vietnam. We provide professional, effective and safe office disinfection – spraying services for the health of users.

Reasons to use disinfectant spray service

  • The home and office environment can be seen as clean at first glance, but it contains many types of bacteria and viruses that cause disease.
  • These germs can quickly spread from person to person and cause many diseases. Some of the sources of airborne disease can be mentioned as follows:
  • Touching bacteria and viruses on shared objects such as doorknobs, fingerprint scanners, photocopiers, water bottles, etc. ..
  • Inhale virus-contaminated moisture from an infected person.
  • The disease is cross-transmitted between sources of harmful microorganisms: flies, mosquitoes, ants, cockroaches, etc. ..
These pathogens can adversely affect human health, while reducing labor quality and productivity. Disinfection therefore, to minimize the above risks, businesses should understand that “prevention is better than cure”.

Customers who use disinfectant spray service

Any organization needs to use disinfection services, especially during times when the disease is highly contagious. Disinfection services are also widely used in workplaces in agriculture, food processing, schools, hospitals, etc. .. Disinfection plays a huge role in people’s health care, preventing infectious diseases and eliminating dangerous viral diseases.
It is very difficult for businesses to actively disinfect the company because if mixed chemicals are not standard, it will lead to a high risk of contamination, affecting the health of employees and manufactured products. Disinfection service was born, bringing great benefits to the disinfection business in accordance with low cost but still ensuring hygiene and health care like all people.
We use high quality and safe products for humans, helping to destroy bacteria, viruses, molds and harmful insects as much as possible. In addition, we also perform periodic checks to ensure the most effective disinfection and sterilization results.
If you are looking for an office disinfectant spray – disinfecting service, please contact us immediately for the best advice and support. With a team of professional staff, we are committed to providing our customers with prestigious, quality and affordable office disinfection – spraying services.
Contact us immediately via hotline: 0938.581.199 or leave information at email: info.aknt@akntfumigation.com   for more details about our services.
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