Container Disinfection

Container Disinfection

For the purpose of pest control: fumigation in addition to ensuring the safety of the goods, this treatment is also required by national and international (quarantine) laws relating to the transport of goods. containerized.
In order to solve the control of harmful organisms for businesses, AKNT Fumigation Joint Stock Company provides the service of disinfecting Containers with Methyl Bromide according to ISPM15 standards with preferential prices and quick certification time.

Is Container Disinfection Really Necessary?

Containers are the most used means of transporting import and export goods today. It takes a long time for goods to be transported by Container to circulate to other countries, so some items are of organic origin such as agricultural products (coffee, pepper, cashew, …), items derived from wood such as goods. Bamboo and rattan leaves, handicrafts, wooden products that have not been surface treated with chemicals, during transportation by Container, there will be fashion, mold, mold or insects harmful to the environment. Therefore, sterilizing Container goods helps ensure safety, minimizes loss of goods, and helps businesses stabilize commercial value during transportation.
Containers are considered as the safest equipment to preserve goods, which can be both waterproof and moisture-proof, and can reduce theft but cannot prevent termites, termites, molds or harmful insects to goods. Therefore, container sterilization will help businesses keep goods in the best condition, during transportation, no errors or risks appear. Besides, even if the temperature conditions change, the goods will not be damaged.

Disinfection of containers is also the key for businesses to have the opportunity to export goods to foreign countries, bring Vietnamese brands to the world, moreover, when exporting goods, they will have a higher value when sold domestically. domestic.

Container sterilization is a favorable condition for successful export of goods,

The return of containers to Vietnam in any form will cause huge and unpredictable damages both in terms of economy and reputation of goods exported from Vietnam. To limit the damage arising from the above cases
Reasons to disinfect Containers before putting them into use
– Types of grass seeds, soil, foreign objects … exist in the Container
– Clinging, sticking on the body of the packing staff, forklift, ….dropping on – Container during the packing process.
– Available in Container because the cleaning of Container before packing is not taken seriously.
However, sterilization measures cannot completely prevent or control these problems. Therefore, the exporter needs:
– Clean the Container thoroughly both inside and outside.
– The packing area must be maintained clean, the surrounding weeds (if any) should be cleaned and removed.
– Loading and unloading staff should wear specialized shoes when packing. The wheels of packing vehicles should also be cleaned regularly.
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