Paste the paper and provide moisture resistance

Paste the paper and provide moisture resistance

Why is it necessary to glue the container before packing the goods?

Import-export enterprises always face the risk of great damage due to moldy goods in containers at the port of destination. High humidity is the main cause of this problem.
When containers are transported through regions with different climates leading to temperature changes such as from Vietnam – an area with a hot and humid climate to Europe – an area with a colder climate, the phenomenon of container sweat will appear. presently. Water condenses in the container, on the top of the container, on the walls of the container. This amount of water will affect goods (especially agricultural products) causing degradation, odor, mold, etc.
The service of gluing paper and placing desiccant for containers of AKNT helps to limit the above-mentioned high humidity:
Container lining:

In addition, AKNT also provides a service of tensioning to line the paper in the container in case the consignee/shipping company requests not to use any adhesive chemicals to avoid incurring container cleaning fees.

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